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Neck Pain

"When I first saw Dr. Kennard on July 20, 2012, I had extreme pain in my shoulder and arm with decreased sensation and numbness in my fingers. The pain was so severe, at a level of 10, even after taking 800 mg of Advil, that it affected my ability to drive, work and sleep. I saw a physiatrist, who prescribed pain medication and told me that based on my symptoms, I would most likely require an epidural steroid injection in the disc in my neck to block the pain. I scheduled the injection for August 30, 2012. After seven visits with Dr. Kennard during which I received chiropractic adjustments, electrical stimulation and physical therapy, my pain level dropped to about three and I no longer needed the pain meds or the Advil. After 10 visits, my pain was virtually gone and I canceled the epidural injection. As of today, after 13 visits, my pain level is about a one. I’ve also brought my son to Dr. Kennard for a sprain/strain in his neck which was quickly resolved. I have recommended and will continue recommending Dr. Kennard to others." - Cheryl R.

“When I first started my treatment with Dr. Kennard in July 2006, I had been suffering from daily low back pain for two years.  Then, one morning, I woke up with severe neck pain which was not resolved with OTC anti-inflammatory medication over the next few days.  I called the office and was scheduled for an appointment that afternoon.  Within three days my neck was pain free.  I continued visits three times a week for the low back pain and am now only being treated once a week.  I was able to stop taking the twice a day doses of pain medication.  I can’t stress enough how important adhering to the treatment plan was in my recovery.  I feel that the combination of Dr. Kennard’s skill, frequency of visits in those early weeks and the regiment of exercises that I was given have all gotten me to the pain free status I am at now.” - Carole B.

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